A Light Shines Through Us: A Nun, A Businessman, and the Power of Connection by Joe Sweeney

A Light Shines Through Us: A Nun, A Businessman, and the Power of Connection by Joe Sweeney

What happens when a hard-charging businessman tries to rent a gym for his youth basketball camp? He meets an elderly Catholic nun who holds the keys to the perfect gym. And a whole lot more.

In this beautifully crafted memoir, bestselling author and business leader Joe Sweeney weaves a remarkable tale of friendship, spirituality, and even some of the mischief that characterizes the unlikely 32-year relationship he enjoyed with a modern-day saint. She had a way about her, he said, and it was unlike anything he had encountered as a lifelong Catholic with honest questions about his faith, spirituality, and the meaning of life. A Light Shines Through Us guides readers of all religious faiths and those claiming no faith on a journey of spiritual exploration and discovery offering new insights into the age-old questions that have intrigued people for centuries: Why are there so many different religions? How can I stay connected to a higher power? How can we grow old gracefully? What happens when we die?

From his regular visits to the convent to Joe and Sister Camille's long discussions on park benches or over special meals to a remarkable visit with a U.S. president, Sweeney weaves his inquisitiveness, irreverence, and humor into a compelling tapestry of inspiration and enlightenment.

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