Brain Storm: "18 week business journal" by Amie D. Walker

Brain Storm: "18 week business journal" by Amie D. Walker

Brain Storm is an 18 week business journal for the entrepreneur, small business, or professional. Brain storm a week at a time, allowing yourself to consider interactive prompts and questions, meant to get your thinking caps going. Journal your thoughts and responses right in the book, in the journal sections. A potential customer is looking for a service (in your industry) are you first thought? First Thought, the very first person or business that comes to mind when you need a service. Consider what being first thought means to you and how it can be vital to your business. 1. How can you make your business first thought? 2. Why is it important to you to be first thought? 3. What makes you or your business memorable to clients? 4. List things you can do professionally to become memorable to your clients or draw in new clients. 5. Why did you choose your profession? What inspired you? What did you want to offer the world? Brain Storm your way to professional success and professional growth with questions just like those for the next 18 weeks! Must have tools are included in the back of the book such as PR source info and best business all in one platform, everything you need at your finger tips without breaking your budget. BONUS: Citrus Infused Water Recipe and ingredient list.

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