Young Relationship Guidance by Jimmy Pedersen

Young Relationship Guidance by Jimmy Pedersen

"A concise guide that all young people should read as they venture into the enigma of Relationships. It provides a constructive perspective on how a successful partnership is formed"

And it begins with the Basic Aspects that essentially set the conditions for Love to exist.

As this guide will explain. There are 21 main Aspects in a Relationship, together they form the structure. And if ANY part of the structure is weak or missing, it will guarantee “unnecessary” issues. Like a domino effect.

E.g. Many people 'fail' to realize that their problem(s) might actually originate from something completely different. So they end up looking in the wrong direction for the right answers. They tend to focus on a solution to the problem in hand and the downside of that: The solution could easily end up being short-lived.

Another example: Healthy couples are honest, trustful, loyal, reliable, supportive, respectful, appreciative, etc (all aspects). If any of these are compromised, issues WILL arise, and love WILL suffer.

Focusing on these Aspects WILL change and simplify your mindset to better comprehend the creation of Relationship Success.

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