Glow: A Collection of Stories Kindle Edition by Jason Messina (Author)

Glow: A Collection of Stories Kindle Edition by Jason Messina (Author) 

Glow: A Collection of Stories showcases 5 short stories from writer and performer Jason Messina. These stories are a cross between the Twilight Zone and Ray Bradbury, with unexpected twists and turns before leaving you someplace strange. Inspired by mysteries, sci-fi, ghosts, treasure hunts, comic books, the number 7 and everything else, you can take a break from reality and have your mind slightly bend in different directions with these stories.

Glow is the story of a man who must make the most difficult decision of his life. And also what happens when you know someone is going to die just before they do.

Delay Angel is the story of the worst day Emily has ever had. It only gets worse after she's abducted by aliens. But is she prepared to learn the truth?

Safe is a story set in the near future where everyone is armed and dangerous. Two armed men attack a man in his house hoping to learn the secret hidden in the basement. Will they find what they are looking for or something far worse?

Signs of Life A man hides during an alien invasion. When he comes up for air, he discovers the world is a much different and stranger place then he's ever known. This is how the movie Signs should've ended.

The Landlady will remind you of that creepy feeling you get when you feel someone staring at you, but then when you turn around no one is standing there. The other thing you won't see is the karmic curveball ending. Warning, may include an evil landlady.

Included in the book are behind-the-scenes on how all the stories came to be written and how one was turned into a short film for the New York City Film Festival (kinda sorta). This is the only place to read the official version of that short story turned movie - Glow.

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