The Germbusters (The Incredible Adventures of a Wayward Boy) by David Newman King

The Germbusters (The Incredible Adventures of a Wayward Boy) by David Newman King

The Germbusters” by David Newman King provides practical safety tips through storytelling, cheerful characters and illustrations. Learning from incredible adventures of a wayward boy, and the lessons he absorbs in this story, inspires children to stay safe. The elementary school boy embarks on spectacular adventures. After being “knighted” as a germbuster through a special training, he saves his family members and neighbors by using the acquired knowledge.

Besides the story, humor and original expressions, the book includes important lessons. These lessons will make children stronger and wiser as they return to normal life. The first one is about importance of knowledge, discipline and personal hygiene. The second one is about overcoming the self-imposed hegemony of mankind over the other living species of our planet.

Get the paperback or the e-book and enjoy reading “The Germbusters” with your little ones today. Please also share your feedback on Amazon if this book helped to inspire germbusters in your family.
About David Newman King

David Newman King is the author of "The Germbusters" (The Incredible Adventures of a Wayward Boy Book Series), which is his début as a children's author following a twenty-year career in social science, editing, and advising governments on different matters of state institution-building and development. Each part of his book means to inspire better behavior and outcome for children, families, and society.

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