A Woman's Dream: The Man Who Constantly Gives by Kareem Carter

A Woman's Dream: The Man Who Constantly Gives by Kareem Carter

A Woman’s Dream began as a letter to an ex-girlfriend that I’d recently come in contact with after a 10 year hiatus. After a few pages, I realized that this letter had taken on a life of its own. Therefore, I opted to stay out of my own way and allowed my mind, heart and soul to speak freely. Through the course of conversation, I share a lot of my deepest, innermost thoughts and feelings ranging from life, love, relationships, companionship between women and men, matriarchy, helping women understand their worth and their power, while exposing my own vulnerabilities as a man and promoting manhood while protecting womanhood. I also touch topics pertaining to physical and emotional abuse, how women must recognize that abuse is abuse and it’s totally unacceptable. I share poems, motivational/inspirational pieces and I dedicated some songs to emphasize my feelings. At the end of the day, I felt strongly about something and I’m doing something about it. A lot of women are being used, abused, disrespected and underappreciated. I’m here to show women how they’re supposed to be viewed, loved, respected and appreciated. A Woman’s Dream was written to one woman, but it has the potential to touch thousands of women - and it will.

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