Allman Town Changed With Sam's Mother Cake by Ashia Foster

Allman Town Changed With Sam's Mother's Cake by Ashia Foster

Allman Town changed with Sam's Mother's cake. This is a beautiful fictional storyline. In this story, the people living in a town called Allman Town wanted unity. They did a protest expressing their views on racism. This comes with shouting while trying to get their message across. The main character Sam is not happy! He lives with his parents and loves everyone. Sam didn't understand what's causing the uproar outside. Sam's parents gave their son great support. He was reassured not to be scared. They both explained to Sam the reason people are protesting. Sam's parents are an example of two people coming together from different cultures. This is a beautiful family that joined together with love. In Sam's household, there's only love. Sam now wants everyone to unite. Sam's Mother and Father are very kind people. Sam's mother did an act of kindness, and the town changed. It only takes one person to help make a change. Allman Town is now a better place, everyone loves each other. In the real world, a cake might not bring us together, but love will. I hope this story, brings smiles. It was my pleasure to write this beautiful storyline. I hope your children enjoy this amazing book. 

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