Growing Saul into Paul: Knowing God and some of His Plans by JF Lewis

Growing Saul into Paul: Knowing God and some of His Plans by JF Lewis

This is an awsome self-help book that will change your life in only a couple of hours. It is a guide book that teaches by example and exposes my mind and heart fully for the world to see. It will change your thoughts about facts and truths and I suspect it will even alter your perspective. It has taken over fifty years to put it together fully and is my life's best book. I am extremely certain of this. Remember, reading this book will change you, but all for the best. Thanks, and enjoy it! 

About JF Lewis

I have worn many hats in my lifetime of over five decades. During this time I have been fortunate enough to have learned from several talented and skilled people. I have worked as a carpenter, farmer, electrician, cook, elevator mechanic, salesman, consultant, and writer just to mention a few. I have owned and operated businesses and gained a great deal of knowledge from these adventures and from my long list of mistakes as well. Normally I try to write in a fun and easy to understand way, but there is an exception. My recent book is very serious (Growing Saul into Paul is about self-growth and is the most important book I will ever write). I hope you enjoy all of my books, but more importantly, Growing Saul into Paul. It will change you.

THANK YOU for reading!

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