The Four Ticcsters: A family of Tics and more. by Caris Poynter

The Four Ticcsters: A family of Tics and more. by Caris Poynter

Getting the right diagnosis for your kids’ mental health is the hardest part. If your Kids show Tics and you cannot get the correct diagnosis, you are in the same boat as I was. My children started showing Tics and indicators of other Disorders gradually. It was my Son Ramani, who was the first, not the eldest, who showed symptoms from the age of four, and it took me eight years to get the proper judgment. I was shattered and confused, not knowing what comes next, worried about the health of my children, overcoming my Bipolar and OCD. It was too much for me as a mother. I researched and studied for the sake of my kids. I achieved the Level 4 Diploma for Counselling and Certification of Training in Mentoring. I wanted to make a difference by helping others with Addiction. Therefore, I wrote this book with a passion for reaching out to everyone with similar problems. It is my humble effort to raise awareness of Mental Disorders. Identification of the symptoms is the first age, ready for my story, and you will come to know about the effort it takes to figure out the problem finally. I have developed ways of my methods from research, action plan from experience to fight it out. Only then can we overcome those. Ignoring the signs in your loved ones will bring you no good; it is time to face it!The Four Boys Tic Path that you are about to read is based on my experience and life’s journey. I have shared specific events and the feelings related to those moments to explain the difficulty. If you equip yourself with the suggestions provided, you will likely loosen up your shoulders and focus on what is required out of you. Take action, Intervene early, Know my story!

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