The Perfect Trip (LOVE OR LUST Book 1) by Summer Rose

The Perfect Trip (LOVE OR LUST Book 1) by Summer Rose

On the surface of it, Katherine Pacemaker seems to have it all. With looks that are the envy of every woman and a glittering career in the law firm she works for, her ability is unsurpassed. And she’s also used to winning which makes her think she is indispensable.
But behind the façade of this success, lies the truth. Katherine is lonely and worn out with the intrigues of office politics. Spotting that Katherine is in need of a change of scenery, her secretary, Abby, suggests that she needs a break.
Her boss decides to send her off to the Greek island of Santorini, on an all-expenses paid business trip and although Katherine is at first reluctant to leave him to deal in the lurch, she eventually agrees and sets off to what she imagines will be a week of boring meetings and long days.
But when she arrives on the island she encounters George, a rival in another firm that she had previously crossed swords within the courtroom and had then found herself attracted to.
His previous rejection of her had left Katherine furious but when they are thrown together as team-mates in a career determining game, they realize that they will have to work closely together if they are to overcome the odds and win.
Do they have what it takes to put past differences aside? And even if they do win, will it be enough to provide the catalyst to a happy ending for them?

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