Ametysta the seventh dimension by Viktoria Armstrong

Ametysta the seventh dimension by Viktoria Armstrong

Kotalina a world where the equilibrium has been severely strained. Citizens of Kotalina have to face their past and lay in bed with the enemy to save their world. Animagi, vampires, sensual incubus, mags, and humans must find the reason why the days are getting shorter. The economy is falling, and their dimension might cease to exist. Two young powerful women entangled with the same object of love will try to solve the mystery before the demon takes over their dimension. Magic has almost left their world will they make it in time.


  • I highly recommend this book, if you like fantasy then you will LOVE it as did I. It is a really good book!!! The plot is very entertaining, I enjoy all the mystical creatures that showed up in this book also the plot and action pulls you right in. Once you start reading this book you can't stop. I highly recommend it. There are two main female characters that are diversified and you can really relate to them. :) - Review by magicwolf

  • The book has no description of the main character's color of the skin which is really cool because you can imagine that you are the main character. I love the vampire and the Woolf that is also an incubus. Great read! - Review by Hell Queen

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