Fables: Part 1: Tales of Love, Art and Life (Fable Tales) by Ali Igor Kaptanoglu

Fables: Part 1: Tales of Love, Art and Life (Fable Tales) by Ali Igor Kaptanoglu

What is a fable? A type of story where supernatural beings exist, where improbable happens… No, no… That was way too serious and gloomy. I’m sure the description is lacking as well. For me, a fable means my childhood. A cliché maybe, but bear with me here friends… Ah yes, forgot to mention; reading this makes you a friend of mine – at least one that will last until the end of the book. As Dostoyevsky put it, “one does not have to put a reason behind every sense of friendship…”. You might even think that my friendship is void of value, as you’ve achieved it so rapidly. Then I should tell you that what’s void of value is this belittling thought. See, a bond that could have turned into a nice friendship, perhaps brotherhood, gone. At least – since you’re still reading – means you’ve not yet thrown away the book… So there’s still hope to form bonds that could turn into brotherhood or love! Yes, yes, no need for further questions; love can indeed blossom out of friendship. I’ll be telling you as best I can what life is… In fact, I’ll be asking you… Because I think, after a certain point, it’s impossible to make a meaning of it…

Fables: Part 1 is a combination of tales of love, freedom, art and life. They are written with hope to touch your soul in a kind way. They are aimed to give birth to a titter. Should they fail, feel free to curse or send negative thoughts to the writer. Should they succeed, do not hesitate to do the opposite!

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