God in his Infinite Wisdom: Death and Defiance and Billy Penn's Hat by Mary DiMauro

God in his Infinite Wisdom: Death and Defiance and Billy Penn's Hat by Mary DiMauro

This is the perfect summer read to get lost in.

The 1970's the Philadelphia Police Department resisted hiring women to the rank and file of police patrol. The Philadelphia Police Commissioner testified in Federal Court that "God in His infinite wisdom made men and woman different" in an effort to argue against the hiring of women. Four fictional female police recruits serve as a surrogate to tell the story of the challenges and experiences of the women that defied social norms to develop skills and rise to the challenges. The obstacles along the way were at times created by society standards and others were caused by chauvinism, jealousy and a rejection of social progress.

Officer AJ Harris was the inspiration for friends, Kate Rossi, Samantha Kelly and Michelle Jones as they forged their way through the Police Academy as the first class of female recruits. The bond they developed continued after graduation as they learned how to depend on each other to develop skills and work toward promotion. When AJ Harris is found dead by a bullet from her police service revolver they are initially devastated. As they strive to fully understand what would drive their friend to such a drastic end, they risk relationships with their love interests, colleagues, family and the Philadelphia Police Department. As they dig for information, they navigate some twists and turns and are surprised that their biggest allies in their fight for truth were in plain sight.

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