Let's FINALLY Talk About Sex: Improve intimacy through authentic communication by Dr. Karla Ivankovich

Let's FINALLY Talk About Sex: Improve intimacy through authentic communication by Dr. Karla Ivankovich

Everywhere you turn, someone is discussing the topic of sex. It’s woven into the movies we watch, pulsating through the lyrics of our favorite songs, plastered on billboards, dripping on the pages of every novel we have read for years. Sex is everywhere. Everyone around you is talking about the amazing sex they are having, but you flush at the mere mention. The more you think about it, you are ashamed at the thought of fantasizing about incredible sex. Out of fear, though, your greatest desires stay there, only in your dreams. You wonder why you don’t have the courage to talk about it with your partner. You wonder what it would be like to explore your desires. While all of these questions may not have clear answers, one thing is certain, you are not open to talking about sex. For you, the fear is paralyzing, and it stops you from getting what you want in the bedroom.

Throughout history, the topic of sex has remained taboo. But why? As an activity that so many enjoy and willingly engage, at any given moment, why are we willing to fornicate but not communicate? Maybe it is the direct effect of your familial, cultural, and religious teachings. Maybe a prior experience left you fearing the rejection of speaking up. What if there was a way to explore this fear so you could finally tell your partner what you really want in the bedroom? If so, Let’s Finally Talk About Sex so you can improve the intimacy in your life through authentic communication.

In her honest and straightforward style, Ivankovich identifies the varying reasons why the topic of sex remains taboo today. She identifies age-old myths and crushes them with fact-based explanations from medical professionals throughout the country. She explores the way the fear of rejection can sabotage relationships. Most importantly, however, she provides the tools for readers to examine their own beliefs as a means of improving intimacy through honest and authentic communication.

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