Redrum on Reba: A Short Story From Dystopity by Adric Laser

Redrum on Reba - A Story From Dystopity

It was the year 3320, a year that was shaping up to be a very good one for a space bounty hunter named Clover. Clover took pride in her job and had yet to come across a bounty contract that she couldn't handle up until now. Things changed when she received a contract for a bounty that was unlike all the others, sending her on a mission that would change her life forever. Havoc had broken out on a planet called Reba as Sintec Corporation hastily proceeded in rolling out its new body snatcher pilot program. A program which allowed wealthy patrons to digitally take control of the bodies of willing Rebans who had agreed to participate in the pilot program out of sheer financial desperation. The program had successfully turned the planet into a hedonistic wasteland, a result of the rich upper classes using their rent'a'bodies to carry out the most despicable and unmentionable acts imaginable. Will Clover be able to save the day, going after the most difficult bounty she has ever faced while working to put an end to Sintec's wicked pilot program? You'll have to read "Redrum on Reba" to find out!

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