Naked in the Driveway by Laura White

A single mother of two finds herself naked and covered in mud, in a stranger's driveway, several states away from home. Frustrated with life not being anything like she had hoped for by a certain age, Laura went "off the grid" on a spontaneous one-week journey to find peace. She recalls this story of survival and accidental exposure with hope, sarcasm, and the same transparency as swapping stories with close friends over a bottle of wine. From Salem, Massachusetts to the Appalachian Trail, this humorous, true tale is a relatable travel journal come to life, with photos and QR codes linking to actual events in the story. Naked and exhausted, Laura undergoes a transformation that gives her the will to live the very life she was trying to leave behind.

Author Bio: 

Laura Brannan White is single-mother to two young sons and teaches English Language Arts in the city schools of Columbus, Ohio. She holds a BA in English, with a double major in Professional Writing and English Literature, as well as a Master s Degree in Education. Inspired by her previous occupation traveling the world as a full-time volunteer, she continues to seek daily adventures, not always well-planned, in hopes of never letting an opportunity to learn and love to escape her.

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