Who The Hell Told You That? by Melissa Carver

As children, we are taught right from wrong, good from bad. Our parents and caregivers provide us with tools to get us started on the right path, in hope that we will make the best decisions possible throughout our lives.

But what if the advice we’ve received isn’t helping us anymore? Is it possible to relearn life lessons?

In her first published book, Dr. Melissa Carver discusses the important idea of reprogramming the mind in order to be your best self today, in this moment. Though it may be difficult, living your best life may mean stepping out of the comfort zone you’ve inhabited for so long and releasing the past.

Whether you are facing difficulties in your job, relationships, or personal life, Who The Hell Told You That? is full of helpful tips that will ultimately lead to happiness and fulfillment in every area of your life.

Author Bio: 

Dr. Melissa Carver began as a contributing writer with the Chopra Center in 2014. This experience sparked a much deeper love of reaching others through the written word. She has taught hundreds of courses around the US and has been a prominent keynote speaker at conventions and retreats alike. Melissa is also the founder of the nonprofit organization, Mindset Junkies. This organization focuses on funding programs and scholarships for low-income families to learn the power of mindfulness, primarily the families of those in drug or alcohol rehabilitation or US Veterans. Outside of her Ph.D. in Philosophy, Dr. Carver is certified as an Ayurvedic Chopra Instructor, Nirvana Flow Specialist, and has continued post-graduate education in Counseling Psychology. Her intention is to help others break out of the perspectives that bind them to negative actions, becoming the best versions of themselves, just a little...day by day.

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