Beyond the Boardroom: Examining the concepts of an effective leader in a culturally conscious community-based organization by Troy Washinton

Cities across the country rely on nonprofit organizations to provide quality services and effective campaigns that will benefit individuals, families, and communities. Reliable men and women are placed in leadership roles within these organizations, but are they prepared to lead?

Dr. Troy Washington worked with and studied the leadership of Peacemaker Social Services under Gary Bellamy II, which provided him with insight into this unique line of work. With this in mind, Dr. Washington wrote Beyond the Boardroom: Examining the Concepts of an Effective Leader in a Culturally Conscious, Community-based Nonprofit Organization as a guide for anyone seeking leadership advice related to nonprofit organizations.

From directors to team members, everyone makes up an important part of the overall organization. While there may not be a single definition of a leader, there are qualities that stand out among those with true leadership skills. Dr. Washington’s hope is that by inspiring leaders, they will use their roles to change the lives of those around them, for the better.

Author Bio: 

Dr. Washington is a professor with the Helen Bader Institute at the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee. He is also an affiliate faculty member in the Department of Public Administration. Dr. Washington received his Ph.D. in Urban Studies with an emphasis in nonprofit leadership from the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee. His research focuses on community engagement, community organizing, empowerment, and systemic change. He studies organizational processes that have the ability to improve the conditions of vulnerable communities and groups. Much of his work takes place alongside community-based nonprofit organizations, youth organizing efforts, and community-driven health promotion initiatives. An overarching goal of Dr. Washington s is to identify the mechanisms at multiple levels of analysis that account for links between engagement in empowerment processes and well-being. Dr. Washington s background is primarily in nonprofit leadership and community activism, but he also applies concepts from multiple social science disciplines and uses multiple methods to understand and inform community-driven efforts as a way to improve conditions of inequity. Prior to his academic career, Dr. Washington worked as an associate director for Peacemaker Charitable Services, a nonprofit organization centrally located in Milwaukee, WI. There he provided organizational planning, implemented policies, and supported services for vulnerable families. Dr. Washington also worked on political campaigns and with Milwaukee Public Schools to build equity in youth-driven initiatives. Dr. Washington teaches undergraduate courses and graduate courses on organizational theory, public and nonprofit leadership, and public policy. Dr. Washington is extremely active in the community and readily consults community-based organizations.

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