Cappuccino with Grandma by Karen Lee Rich-Franklin

''Cappuccino with Grandma'' is a narrative carefully and stylistically presented to reflect beautiful and memorable moments spent with her Grandma. It portrays love shared between Grandma and the Grandchild. It sets a reader on a plane of wanting to experience and feel such loving moments. Interestingly, in the narrator's artistic nature, she employs nice pictorial representations such as Rialto Bridge, City of Venice, San Marco Piazza, etc. These memorable pictures make the story appealing, enjoyable, interesting, and permanent. Language choice is also simple and understandable, spiced with the figure of speech evidently seen in her unique use of repetition; 'sip, sip' in almost all the tables.

This piece will be enjoyed by children. Make available this short story to your child to enjoy the beauty of storytelling and feel Grandma's love.

This is a delightful little book. In 30 pages the author paints an engaging portrait of her Grandma and of the relationship between the Grandma and the author. It makes me want to search out the Orange Cappuccino drink that they drink together in their visits to Venice. It will resonate with readers of all ages. 

_Cliff Solomon

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