Itchy Brain: A family's perspective and positive outlook on ADHD by J. A. Laudati

Reading this book was truly eye-opening, on a personal and professional level. I am a speech-language pathologist who works with children who demonstrate impulsive and dysregulated behaviors. I feel now I can better understand how my students are feeling and why they have difficulty sitting still. Furthermore, it improved my understanding of how I as a professional can help them succeed when learning. This book not only helps professionals and those who are struggling with ADHD, but it also doubles as a “how-to guide” for family members. The Laudati family seamlessly put into words the challenges individuals with ADHD experience and tools benefitting them on a daily basis. This book should be a staple for any family with children struggling with ADHD or those who demonstrate concern. It's a great stepping stone to better days and success with a difficult diagnosis. _by Rebecca Cram

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