The Positive Puppy Training Blueprint: by Sam Quinn

This is the training guide you need when you are a new puppy parent. It is designed to tackle everything that comes with the first two months of training, providing you with weekly goals and expectations based on your puppy's development. It is delivered in the form of an action plan, giving key instructions about all aspects of training a puppy.

About The Author

If he is anything, Sam Quinn is an absolute animal lover. At the age of six, he started horseback riding where he gained a lot of experience in dressage over the next 12 years. After attaining a master's degree in Criminology in college, he couldn't escape the lifelong desire of wanting a dog of his own and took the plunge of going for a male Rhodesian Ridgeback puppy he named Reece. Ridgebacks are not the easiest dog breeds to train and Sam tried and learned many dog training tricks over the years. He even started a dog walking business and gained lots of experience handling and eventually training different dog breeds. Reece was even joined by a little female Ridgeback pup called Nalu and today Sam is the proud owner of 2 very well-trained adult ridgebacks. Eventually, Sam's passion for dogs really took hold in a way that he became inspired to share his knowledge with other dog owners. Since Sam is not out to become famous but just wants to share his knowledge and experience with dog aficionados everywhere, he writes his books under a pen name.

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