Raising Chickens and Loving It: The Complete Beginner’s Guide to Chicken-Raising and Getting Healthy, Natural Eggs Daily in Your Own Backyard. by Bob Jakes

This book is the Ultimate Quick guide to Chicken Raising and Obtaining Healthy, Organic Eggs on a Daily Basis inside Your Own Garden.

Imagine, a flock of your own. A coop filled with big, fluffy chickens rushing out to greet you, a strong rooster strutting around like the head of the land, tiny, adorable chicks dancing and flopping around you. Nice, right? What if I told you that having all that is something you can have the very next day?

My name is Bob Jakes and I’m here to tell you that it is, indeed, very possible to have your own sustainable poultry flock right inside your own backyard! I’ve taken care of my own colony of chickens and I can reassure you without any hint of hesitation, that with my help, You can have the successful coop you’ve ever dreamed of.

Not only do I want to share my story with others, but I also want to offer assistance in the form of this book to help you do the same. I'd like to share that knowledge with you right now because I know it can free a lot of people from the tedious and time-consuming trial and error of day-to-day life.


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