Flip the Witch Switch: A Josie La Strega Paranormal Mystery Book 1 by Anne Marie Beretta

Josephine La Strega is a hot-blooded, thirty-three-year-old Italian-American pleasant native New Yorker — and yes, there are pleasant New Yorkers.

But be warned... those with half a brain and the desire to avoid the nastiest stink eye known to man or beast, call her Josie.

This sarcastic, pop-culture princess thinks she is living her life like any normal caffeine-addicted, hard-working, dog mom extraordinaire, but the universe has other plans for her. What Josie doesn't know is that her "normal" suburban world is about to go totally paranormal.

When Josie and her pitbull, Gunnar, meet a hot guy and witness a woman's horrible death all in the same day, she thinks her life can't get any stranger. That is, of course, until the dead woman's ghost comes to Josie for help.

Josie's integration into the paranormal is not what one would call smooth and her spectral sidekick doesn't make it any easier for her.

Take a wild ride with Josie, her dog, a hot guy, two delightfully nosy best friends, a gaggle of semi-retired witches, and an obnoxious ghost who keeps reminding her that being dead is really annoying.

What Josie is about to discover is that her switch is about to get flipped — and good!

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