Dragon's Egg (Dragon's Erf: An Epic Fantasy Adventure Series Book 1) by S. R. Langley

★★★★★ "I want to live in this world!" - Reader Review

Dragon's Egg is the first book in this epic fantasy adventure!

It is a book full of magic, myths, legends, action, intrigue, compelling characters and fantastical imagery.

Meet Roger, the Hero!

13-year-old middle-classed Roger Briggs has been taught to believe there is no such thing as Magic... His only interests are his own scientific pursuits; studying bugs and is a loner whom lives in an alternative 1950's "Inglande" in a world called "Erf".

Meet Mary, the Heroine!

Then a collision with the nature loving, Mary Madam, occurs. A strong-headed and rebellious young girl whom lives in Grannie Maddam's caravan in the woods.

Good Woods, Bad Woods and a Dragon's Egg!

This rapidly leads them into adventures they could never have believed possible, let alone imagine. And soon, these two seemingly mismatched loners are drawn into a daring rescue and an incredible escape, from the most unbelievable and deadliest forces of evil existing on, or under, Planet Erf: The Psychonomy and the Fire-Worm Lords of the Core!

Welcome to a world unlike any other! Perfect for fantasy fans of Gaiman, Pratchett, Pullman and Potter!

Welcome to a world unlike any other, and join the incredible journey into the deep unknown of the last bastions of Magic on Planet Erf!

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