Shades of Broken: The Shane Flannigan Story by Shane Flannigan, Bonnie White

In the summer of 2003 late at night Shane Flannigan who was involved in the law enforcement profession was involved in a violent altercation during an on duty arrest situation which left him with Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (CPTSD) and disabled.

He spent the next 18 years being treated by medical professionals on a regular basis before he could regain control of the landscape of his life which had totally changed with the ending of his dream career.

This story is about his incredible breath taking journey which took him from the gritty dangerous streets he once patrolled to the deep calm wilderness of Algonquin Park in Canada where he studied with a Shaman who taught him ancient healing ways.

Once he returned to his home city he also continued working with cutting edge PTSD treatments with a highly trained psychotherapist.

In his Autobiography "Shades of Broken (The Shane Flannigan Story") this truly heart warming Canadian story about a man of service walks you from his early stages of suffering from Complex PTSD to an amazing recovery not from main stream therapy but from a small town Wellness Coach who took a chance her teachings & support would change his life forever & she succeeded.

Today Shane is now an international author & award winning Life Coach who owns a successful Life Coaching practice for people from all walks of life showing them how they can achieve their own goals & dreams. Shane is now dubbed "A Mister Rogers For Adults" by his many fans for his kindness and compassion.



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