28 Disastrous Dates: A (Mostly True) Humourous Memoir by Poppy Mortimer

Poppy Mortimer is hungry for love. Will she find The One, or lose her appetite for men, forever?

Smart, attractive, and fueled by wide-eyed optimism, Poppy Mortimer leaves rainy England to start a new life-and find the perfect man-in exotic Australia. Surely somewhere out there, a Chris Hemsworth impersonator is just waiting to whisk her off her feet and show her the real charms of 'Down Under'.

But as Poppy launches into 28 dates, ranging from the outright hysterical to borderline traumatic, it becomes clear she's going to have to kiss a few frogs-assuming she doesn't croak first. From the seven-foot giant with a disturbing workout practice, to the exclusive party that turns out to be a lot more than just cocktails and canapes, Poppy starts to wonder if she should sue Disney for giving her false hope.

With gusto, humour, and a lot of heart, Poppy digs deep into her past as a child of divorce, and her ongoing journey as a modern woman and devoted romantic. Through laughter, tears, and characters that are truly stranger than fiction, Poppy won't stop until she finds true love-or something even greater.

Fans of Bridget Jones's Diary and Sex and the City (or any person who wants to feel better about their own dating life) will love this book.

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