Another Sunset: An Epic of War and Love by Filippo Lucca

📚 Explore the gripping tale of Another Sunset: An Epic of War and Love by Filippo Lucca! 🌅 

This historical fiction, reminiscent of Ken Follett's works, unfolds amidst WWII across Africa, Europe, and the Mediterranean. 💔💪 Join seven Italian men and women in their intertwining stories of love, war, and resilience. 📖✨

🌍 From the tormenting love affair of Alice and Giulio to the unwavering ambition of fighter pilot Filippo, each character's journey unfolds against the chaos of war. Witness tank commander Stefano's struggles, Lorenzo and Flavia's life-saving mission, Bruno's battle against Fascism, and Ciro's epic journey from mafia conflicts to sacrifice in El Alamein.

🎭 Characters seamlessly interact with historical figures like Mussolini and General Rommel, adding authenticity to this captivating tale. Inspired by the author's family history, Another Sunset weaves real events and personal experiences into a spellbinding narrative. 🌟

Dive into this epic saga of love and war! 📚🔥

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  1. Oh I know this! I’ve started it a couple of weeks ago, and it’s so cool. Reminds me a lot about Ken Follett’s style - the lad who wrote it knows his own!




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