The Sun Within: Rediscover You by Joanne Ong

Who am I? Why am I here? How does my upbringing influence me to become who I am today? How do synchronicities in my soul contracts lead me to the path that I am on? How does something turn from spiritual into physical?” These are some of the questions Joanne asked herself as she begins to awaken to the web of events around her.

Come along with Joanne as she goes on her soul-searching journey to search for the answers to her questions, and ultimately, to discover her purpose in life. From realising her life path at a young age to being depressed during her teenage years through to coping with her son’s rare autoimmune condition, she exposes her vulnerabilities and embraces her deepest emotions in her book. As she gathered information through her studies into how the universe works, she recalls examples in her life which supported the theories that she read.

Part 1 of the book is about Joanne’s recollection of her life events. She describes her first encounter with her energy field, her upbringing, and her own self-esteem. Despite a pleasant childhood, she goes into a state of depression during her teenage years and discusses how she ended up in that state. In her adulthood, she recalls being very focused on the materialistic side in her life before her son’s condition turned her entire world upside-down, and she begins to question the meaning of life. It was then that she realises an important factor: that there is a seed of growth in every event, no matter how difficult the situation may be.

Part 2 of the book discusses Joanne’s reflection on who we are. She describes how we all have a soul purpose and why we appear to be separate in a 3-dimensional world even though we are all, in essence, connected to one another. She reveals the infinite power within all of us, how we are all worthy of love but have been taught otherwise and how we all essentially communicate with one another through vibration.

In part 3, Joanne goes into the mechanics of how the universe works. She discusses the primary law of vibration and gives examples of the manifestations in her own life. She explains how the mind controls the body and explains why habits can be difficult to break. She wants everyone to take responsibility for their own life so that they may grow and expand as they do so.

Part 4 is a summation of Joanne’s understanding of how the universe works. Using the analogy of creating a musical symphony, she explains how to create the lives that we want, recognising when something goes wrong, and the need to be able to flow with the “universal flow of life” to develop our masterpiece in this lifetime. She explains that when we stop blaming our circumstances and begin embracing our life’s journey, we take on the responsibility of being the creator of our lives, and in doing so, we help one another grow in this interconnected symphony of life. Everyone is the sun, and every sun is integral in this symphony of life.

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