Joshua The Spy (Jesus returns to Earth as a Spy) by JM Navon

Jesus is coming back to Earth as Joshua. I created this Fiction book trailer to launch my new book Joshua The Spy. You can purchase the book on Amazon CreateSpace or Kindle. I plan to donate portions of the sale to Children who are ill, abused and impoverished or who are affected by war and crime. ** Please note: This book is purely fiction and I am no way prophesying or taking away from what is stated in the Bible.** J.M. Navon

Joshua is Jesus and his father sent him on a mission to spy on the world and see how far the world became corrupted. He must observe people and what's in their hearts, and report back to his father so that he can make the final decision; keep the world or destroy it like he did with Sodom and Gomorrah.

He stumbles upon a small church in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Joshua doesn't expect to meet a new friend, a beautiful woman named Sarah who falls in love with him. While on Earth, he performs miracles by healing people at a local hospital and he accepts an invitation to join Sarah on a Church mission – an invitation he accepts with open arms. He travels the world to help orphans whose parents were killed by terrorists and he is tempted by Satan. The terrorist tries to destroy Joshua but he is no match for them.

How much can Joshua do when faced with evil that doesn't repent, and what will the final verdict be?

Read the book and follow Joshua to find out... If you dare.

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