Bound to Sin: A Paranormal Romance (The Werewolf and the Witch Series Book 2) by Emma Carter

Bound to Sin: A Paranormal Romance (The Werewolf and the Witch Series Book 2) by Emma Carter 

"The werewolf known as Ralf had etched himself as a memory in my mind. So too had the girl Sinn kept as a prisoner and her sister. The witches would die a slow and painful death as soon as I got my hands on them. They were the ones who had caused all this death. If Sinn hadn’t found out about the redhead witch, he would have never been after her to plant his seed into her belly. I was supposed to be his bride, his right hand. I was supposed to be the one who gave him a child but he had decided the hybrid between a vampire and a witch would be different. There was only one known mention of that hybrid in our entire history and no one still knew for sure how that story played out.

I folded my hands into fists by my side and remembered simpler times before the witch came into existence. There were times Sinn and I had been happy, even though he could be a cruel son-of-a-bitch sometimes. I didn’t love him but I belonged to him. I owed him my life and I would always do what he wanted. I never agreed to the way he kidnapped the young girl. I never agreed with the way he had orchestrated that attack on the werewolf clan either, but I had supported him. 

Because that was my purpose. And now that Sinn was gone, I would fulfill his purpose. It was the reason he had made me who I was.
I would avenge Sinn and all of my own that had died at the hands of the werewolves. They would all be sorry, the last lot of them. I’d hold my blade to the werewolf Ralf’s neck and afford him the right to plead for his life before I sliced his head from his body. 
Our clans must be avenged."

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