Mystery of the Sun Sapphire by Samantha Manon

Mystery of the Sun Sapphire by Samantha Manon

For years, the wishing box has remained silent.A gift from the dragon, Dragalileo, its secret was known to fewuntil Irwan unknowingly releases the mystical music along with his wish for a best friend. His traveling days long behind him, Grand Uncle Dragalileo sends Speare Morgan to answer this summon, thus renewing the friendship between dragons and humans. Soon after, Speare Morgan hears the music of the wishing box coming from a distant land. How was this possible? Together with Irwan, they set out to investigate. The music leads them to the City of Azra. To win his daughters freedom, Mubarak, the courts musician had finally succeeded in recreating the mystical music as demanded by the sultan. In search of the Sun Sapphire that resides in the Kingdom of Flames (a stone that can only be found by the dragons), the sultan orders Speare Morgan to bring him this stone by the rising of the full moon. Should they fail, Mubarak shall pay with his life. But where is the Kingdom of Flames? How will they find it? What awaits them there? Above all, what secrets does the Sun Sapphire conceal? Hence begins the adventure.

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