Climate Strange: Tales of a Hotter Tomorrow. They're Just Fiction.For Now! by Bo Noir

Climate Change is real. Donald Trump is the President of the United States. These two facts collide in this collection of short Climate Fiction inspired by the rising tempers and temperatures of post-Trump America. Bo Noir brings six tales of heat, horror and hail to the chief! If you like polar bears, cannibalism, people mushrooms, boardroom drama, sexy eco-superheroes and Trumpy millennial cousins, do not hesitate to read Climate Strange while you can. Remember, these tales are just fiction, for now!

Bear Left
A love story about the last Polar bear on earth.

Hot War on the 11th Floor
A future set boardroom drama about the heating earth the choice we must make to save it or use it for our own gain.

Apocalypse Chow
A post-apocalyptic snapshot of the future we should strive to avoid.

Recycling Women
Eco Super heroes on a porn set and crime fighting…it’s hard to explain. But it is nuts! 

Familiar Revivals
A long con set in the wilds of Maine where you grift or get cast under the earth.

Totally Taylor Trump
The least known Trump spies around on the remaining fertile forest. Wheeling intrigue and climate deals Trump-style!

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