When DayLight Comes: The Journey To Accepting by G. Evert Holt

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A general book on the spiritual. The purpose of life can sometimes be difficult to comprehend when it presents so many varying philosophies, 
theories, ideas and perceptions which can leave a person confused and unsure of how to interpret the who, what, where, how, 
and why of it all; let alone to conclude why the understanding of god, Christ, and their angelic servants are so important in our
lives. How have they become integral to our happiness in and outside 
this sphere we call earth, our temporary home? 

When Daylight Comes The Journey To Accepting’ is a new book posted on Amazon. The book provides a medium that is meant 
to encourage the pondering, contemplation, introspection and thoughtful study of self and the world around us and beyond. 
What are your thoughts as far as using this as a tool in learning and discovery of answers to questions regarding 
the work of God, the afterlife, the purpose of life, the realism of angels, and discerning of truth?

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Kindle Link: https://www.amazon.com/G.-Evert-Holt/e/B06ZZT422J

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Kindle Link: https://www.amazon.com/G.-Evert-Holt/e/B06ZZT422J
Those wishing to purchase a soft bound copy can do so for $8.75 for a limited time. Please use the following link : http://amzn.to/2pwr93n

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