If I'm Crystal London, then who are you? by Crystal London

A Powerful Dream Inspires New Book, ‘If I’m Crystal London, Then Who Are You?’

Crystal London’s new book carefully considers the mysteries and complexities of life that are sometimes revealed in dreams.

– When author Crystal London had a vivid dream that stirred her deepest emotions and conjured up past trauma, she was compelled to write down and expound on what she remembered. Her new book, based on those writings, is called ‘If I’m Crystal London, Then Who Are You?’—an homage to the message, lessons and validation that London gleaned when she explored the cryptic details of her unsettling dream.

Rife with imagery and symbolism, London’s dream reveals what she believes is a disturbing representation of herself: a disheveled and ghastly “other Crystal,” as London refers to her, who exists in a cold steel room crouched in a corner and hiding from life. Shocked at the realization that she was facing a mysterious, dark version of herself, London awoke wondering what actions or inactions in her waking life might have led to the outcome she faced in her dream.

London touches on important issues—bullying, childhood trauma, self-esteem, mental illness, faith and resilience—as she examines the tormented character, part self and part symbol, who inspired her to reflect on her own life and share the hard lessons she has learned about how to keep going in the face of adversity and fear.

“I hope this reads as an inspirational book in some way,” says London. “I had this dream, and when I woke up and thought about it, it was so mysterious that I decided to write about it. What do I think people will get out of this book? A wow factor.”

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