The Adventures of Narus: Moving Home by Neil Craig

The Adventures of Narus: Moving Home

Narus is a gentle creature who lives in a forest. He may look a bit like a mouse or a bear or a rabbit, but he's not really like anything else... He is unique! During his exploring he is compassionate and mindful as he considers life and how it is to be in the world. In 'Moving Home' Narus meets Mr. Rat who is ... well a little ratty. He is struggling to move all his belongings and Narus works out how to help him. As he encounters problems, Narus responds by trying to make the best of any situation with emotional authenticity. As Narus encounters new characters, he takes time to connect with feeling and awareness to work out what is really happening in an attempt to find a compassionate solution to problems that will benefit everyone. In the end, Narus returns to the blossom with a 'gift' that he connects with the tree. The books are aimed at 2-6 year olds. The adult reader can take time to look at the pictures and ask the child to engage with the characters emotion and process at the time. How does Narus look here? What do you think he feels like? What would you do in the situation? The aim of the books aren't so much about 'head education' as they are about 'heart education'.

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