For the past thirty years Aden has devoted his life to fight aside England as the head knight during the Edwardian war. Aden creates a reputation for himself as the most vicious warrior on the battlefield only to protect a deep secret as hidden as possible. When the secret is exposed he is forced to strike a deal with a stranger to save his family. His soul is condemned to eternity as he is obligated to stand as the leader of a war unknown to mankind. When his family is taken from him, Aden is ashamed and defrauded by the deal he once believed was a gift. He sets upon a journey to rid of the curse which takes him across the world to Lithium City in the twentieth century. After centuries of searching, Aden finally finds a young man by the name of Josh Krestin. During a freak accident Josh becomes the new vessel for the curse that centuries ago was cast upon Aden. As Josh's life crumbles, he discovers abilities he believed impossible for any human to possess and a dark world he never knew that coexisted with the daily world he lives in. As a new life unfolds for him his old life starts to fade from existence. He soon encounters that the future he once desired and dreamed of, may no longer be his choice to make.

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