Journey to Heaven: Tilly and the Angels Book 1 by Abbi Blake

Journey to Heaven: Tilly and the Angels Book 1 by Abbi Blake

Heaven and its Angels were not what Tilly had expected. Tilly was not what the Angels and Heaven had expected either!

If you like stories about angels that are filled with humor and a certain degree of sadness, then this young girl’s journey and experiences in the Afterlife will provide you with plenty of enjoyment.

Tilly is a teenage girl whose life on earth had been far from happy. As a child, all she had ever hoped for was to be wanted and loved just like any other child. In her mind, this hope had never been fulfilled. As time had gone on this childhood wish had disappeared somewhere deep inside her. Having spent her young life being moved from one foster home to another had left Tilly with no sense of belonging and the feeling that she was all alone in the world. Her experiences had led to her being stubborn, defensive, and closed off to others.
If life wasn’t challenging enough, Tilly had been born with a number of health issues that she had to cope with. She had become accustomed to the headaches, the numbness, and the fatigue because it was all she had ever known. Missing school and constant hospital visits had proven to too much for all her previous foster parents and they had soon moved her on. One night Tilly sat thinking about her life and came to the conclusion that she had, had enough!

Tilly finds that being a teen in Heaven doesn’t solve all her problems. Her pain has gone, and she can do things that she only could have dreamt about while on earth. However, the void in her heart remains as large as ever. Despite feeling a sense of awe at her first sight of the Guardian Angels, her interaction with them does not go well. Tilly’s first encounter with her own Guardian Angel is even worse.
Tilly’s story is of a girl who feels alone and unloved. Her time in Heaven does little to change these emotions, despite the attempts of Diniel, her Guardian Angel and Ariel, her spirit guide, to help her.

Although Tilly’s story is one of sadness and challenges, there are many humorous moments that will bring a smile to your face. If you are a fan of stories about Heaven and Angels, then you will not be disappointed by reading Tilly’s tale.

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