El mismo fuego: novela (Spanish Edition) (Spanish) by Jorge Majfud

El mismo fuego: novela (Spanish Edition) (Spanish)  by Jorge Majfud

Latino-American writer Jorge Majfud has returned with his latest novel entitled El mismo fuego (The Same Fire), just a few months after publishing Tequila, a ‘road story’ in Majfud’s style, which is a fascinating exploration of human nature.
With "El mismo fuego", Majfud reconfirms the reasons why he is one of the last cult writers; the novel explores its own childhood to give birth to a universal history.
The novel is the psychological and spiritual confession of a child who suffers from a syndrome in which he cannot forget anything and, at the same time, can only understand the present events from the perspective of the past. Although a fascinating thriller about a frustrated coup d'Ètat in a Latin American country, it is above all a deep exploration of the first deep feelings of childhood, such as love, the desire for a woman, and the pain of systematic lies and injustices.
Jorge Majfud is one of the few cult writers left alive. To those of us who follow him, not only due to our reading lists for college but by our own decisions, I tell them that this new novel will not disappoint them - quite the opposite.
This novel confirms that Majfud is still a living explosion of creativity, always defining the current, dominant "literature for sale".

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