Turning Red By Dominic Sacco

Turning Red By Dominic Sacco

Rise of the Phoenix

Born in the enchanted elven kingdom of Quel’Thalas, Phoenix is unlike other high elves: she has never had an affinity for magic.

Raised by a prostitute, she quickly grows disillusioned by her mother’s profession and drug use, making her an anxious, quiet child. Her life is grey and going nowhere. But when Phoenix inadvertently commits a crime and her mother goes missing, fate threatens to turn her life into a living nightmare.

Homeless and alone, Phoenix gets caught up in a perilous gang war and is forced to adapt in order to survive. She takes aside, but is it the right one? Can her allies be trusted if they are keeping secrets from her? Can they turn this flawed, redheaded rogue into a formidable swordfighter and find her mother?

Aside from the many trials, she will face on her journey, Phoenix must also do battle with the most dangerous and unstable entity she knows: her mind.

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