Do you believe in out of body experiences? Do you believe in life after death? Have you ever felt there is more in you than your everyday routine? Do you see visions and dreams that later become reality? The questions we most ask ourselves, we know the answer, yet still seem to be confused in what life truly has to offer. Why do we go to work miserable not fulfilling our dreams for a check that still doesn't pay the bills? We all have gifts and desires that we never step out on faith to do. We just take life as it comes instead of taking control of our life, dreams and destiny!!! I never knew I could be all that I could be with all the medical drama I dealt with, lack of self esteem and doubt in myself, there was no way it was a thought to go after my dreams until that faithful day that will stay embedded in my soul for my entire life! I will never be the same! When you die, just know, take it from me, you will truly be aware of all that is happening at that moment, its like your watching you self fully aware! This is my story on how I used to be a walking medicine cabinet full of health problems needing 9 surgeries and Rheumatoid Arthritis to name a few I even had a heart attack leaving me with the doctor's saying I need to have open heart surgery to put a pacemaker in me! NEVER THAT!!! After that wonderful day, life will never be the same! Now I CAN truly ;ive liFe to the fullest and value all it has to offer! Let my story enlighten you to know that age is just a number. You are never to old to live your dreams. IF YOU HAVE A DREAM AND A PASSION THEN TAKE THE CHANCE, STEP OUT ON FAITH! MAY GOD BLESS YOUR JOURNEY!!! HE TRULY HAS BLESSED MINE! CHIFFON111


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