Another Sunny Day (Astrid Sonnschein series Book 2) by D. K. Janotta

Another Sunny Day (Astrid Sonnschein series Book 2) by D. K. Janotta



Transfigurations, condemnations, lamentations…

Astrid’s eccentric mother has disappeared without a trace, abandoning her only daughter to negotiate miles and miles of dangerous forest to reach safety.

Then the woman-hunt begins. Astrid and her new boyfriend Mike track runaway Mom from San Francisco to a spooky castle in deepest Transylvania, meeting several unexpected and mostly hostile relatives along the way.

The castle holds a dark secret, too bloodcurdling to describe here. Suffice it to say that there are no longer any teenage girls in the village below the castle. Alive, that is.

Astrid and Mike are given fair warning to stop their snooping and get the hell out of town, but naturally, they are determined to find Mom before they do so.

Several wolf howls later, the stakes are raised and the warnings turn from fair to nasty.

And to make matters even worse, civil war appears to have broken out, with foreign visitors at the top of everyone’s hit list.

It’s time to run for home. But wait, there’s more! Our intrepid couple must escort two young girls through the war zone to their grandma, at the same time trying to build their own shaky relationship and escape the troubled past that is desperately trying to catch up with them.

Incredibly suspenseful and romantic, full of surprising twists and turns, Another Sunny Day depicts the riveting continuation of Astrid’s epic struggle to find out who she really is and who she really wants to be.

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