The Trifecta: Paranormal Justice for All by Jane Biteme

The Trifecta: Paranormal Justice for All by Jane Biteme


She serves vile monsters their due justice. But when she uncovers a harrowing truth, will she live long enough to get a verdict?

Sloan Reynolds has a passion for putting paranormal killers behind bars. When her prosecuting partner is promoted to judge, she’s determined not to have a hands-off office job thrust upon her. So when a dispute involving a young boy living with his deadly supernatural stepdad comes in, the talented attorney sets her sights on proving her worth in court and saving the child. As she conducts her investigation, her efforts are thwarted by disappearing evidence, vanishing injuries, and a dead witness. And when a sinister bloodsucker attacks her, Sloan’s fears that peaceful coexistence between the human and magical worlds will come to a violent end. Can one lawyer save both her career and an innocent’s life that hangs in the balance? The Trifecta is the first book in the thrilling Paranormal Justice For All legal thriller fantasy series. If you like strong female protagonists, courtroom dramas, and unexpected twists, then you’ll love Jane Biteme’s enthralling tale. Buy The Trifecta for a dangerous pursuit of due process today!

Trigger warning: please don't purchase if you are easily triggered. This book contains adult themes, vulgar language, graphic violence and sex scenes.

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