A Love That Was: a white male/black female interracial romance (A Love That Was Series Book 1) by Sahara LaRue

Mason is the new kid on the block, a loner from the wrong side of the tracks, going nowhere fast. Chloe is the good girl, valedictorian material, social butterfly, and cheerleader with doting parents. Their worlds collide when Chloe volunteers to tutor Mason to get his grades back up at his new high school.

Chloe’s parents determined that their daughter would have and achieve everything they couldn’t, want her to focus only on school. Then, later realizing that their daughter decided to tutor the mysterious boy, ostensibly for their daughter’s altruistic purposes, her parents were skeptical about the intention behind the pairing and vehemently opposed it. They were proven right when Mason and Chloe's friendship began to blossom into something more.

But Chloe and Mason were determined to be together, and fully experience the wildly intense first love of high school sweethearts. Their many differences did not stop their growing relationship, but in fact, strengthened it. Their love for each other was simple, innocent, and timeless.

Later, suddenly faced with life transitions, their bond was tested. With the huge challenge of trying to maintain a long distance relationship in college many miles away from each other, Chloe and Mason's delicate love hung in the balance. Then, a misunderstanding tears them apart.

Now, thirteen years after they first met, another chance meeting brings them back together. Chloe and Mason must decide if they can both let go of the pains of the past and explore the love that was never lost between them.

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