The Fox and the Bee Kindle Edition by Suzanna s Wilson (Author), Alex Crump (Illustrator)

The Fox and The Bee: Enchanting New Children’s Book Proves World Would Really “Bee” in Trouble – Without Bees!

Suzanna S. Wilson’s “The Fox and The Bee” is a beautiful, empowering story about the friendship between a fox and a bee. While the fox is upset he doesn’t get to enjoy the spectacular views his friend does, the bee reminds him he’s too busy making honey to notice them. The moral is bold and simple – that bees are vital to the world’s food chains and ecosystems and, without them, humanity would be in trouble.


United Kingdom – While most only think of bees as the annoying flying insects that disturb your picnic and possibly surprise you with a sting, these little creatures are some of the most vital on the planet – ensuring the balance and continuity of ecosystems and food chains.

But, sadly, they are also fiercely endangered.

In her new children’s book, Suzanna S. Wilson tells the heartwarming and awakening story of the friendship between a fox and a bee. It’s not just a story, but an important lesson for young readers on the urgent need to protect bees

Synopsis of “The Fox and The Bee”:

The beautifully written story which highlights the importance of the Bee in our food chain.

“The basis of the book is the fox’s jealousy of the bee’s opportunity to see the world from above, but the bee’s
reluctance to enjoy it due to the pressure to pollinate the flowers, make honey and ensure they play the important job they do in the balance of our ecosystems,” explains the author. “Of course, what I’m also doing is making the endangered nature of bees clear, and inspiring children to take a stand to protect them. It’s a great book for primary schools to introduce topics such as global warming and the endangerment of wildlife”.

Continuing, “All of my books use animals as a vehicle to drive change. For example, my next book, ‘REG’, tells the story of a drab-looking cockerel who is rejected by his flock due to his looks. That’s until he befriends a mouse who tends to him as his feathers and crow develop, to the point where his flock now wants him back. Of course, he declines – teaching children that the size of their heart always trumps over how they look.”

The author was thrilled to collaborate with Alex Crump, for the book’s illustrations. “Alex really brought the book to life with his stunning illustrations. Not just of the fox and the bee, but all of the other animals in the wood as well. Many readers have mentioned how their children love to point out the other animals and ask questions about them. Thank you, Alex, – you have really made the story pop!”.

Reviews for ‘The Fox and the Bee’ have been extremely positive. Alfie comments, “I really enjoyed sharing this book with my children, we talked about all of the wonderful things bees do for us and we also enjoyed spotting the different animals in the book.”

Another reader adds, “Gave this book to my nephew who is 6 years old. He absolutely loved it! As soon as he has finished it he wants to read it again and again. I love the way it highlights the importance of bees in our food chain, I feel this is something we should teach our children. Well written, bright and colourful.”

Another happy customer adds,” Perfect, I love how this shows the importance of bees. We truly need the bees so much. I can’t wait to share this book with my niece who has been in awe of bees since she found out they make the honey.”

‘The Fox and the Bee’ is available now:

About the author, in her own words:

I have lived in the beautiful county of Herefordshire in the UK all my life. Living in a country cottage surrounded by woods, I raised two lovely boys who took a keen interest in the wildlife that used to visit our garden. Many a day was spent walking, and spying what animals or birds we could spot, there was something new every day. Where I live has defiantly inspired my writing and after many years of writing for my own pleasure, and encouraged by my
family, I thought now was time to publish.

“The Fox and The Bee” is my first book and as bees are so terribly endangered, I wanted to get this important message across in a way that the younger generation would remember.
Other books by the author. REG. There’s an elephant in my shed, and coming soon. - Horatio Hare -it’s good to be different.

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