Invincible: 8 Secrets to Being Happy by Manuel Bueno Abalo

Happiness is not a gift bestowed by fortune. Instead, it is achieved through effort.

Our sage talks to eight current people, advising them on how we should lead our lives in order to be free and happy.

We come into the world without understanding our role in this life, and we risk wasting it if we allow ourselves to be led by the herd. Freeing ourselves from the social pressures that paralyse us will not be easy, but from the very moment we were conceived we were granted the chance to choose what to do with our lives. So, let us exercise that power to navigate life freely and with a calm sense of joy.

Whatever may happen will happen for the best of reasons. So, let us enjoy the journey without fear. Most of the time, fear, anger, illness, and even desire are out of our control, so let us understand that what is most precious and what leads to true happiness is already within us.

Following you will learn how to face death, how to use wealth, how to help, how not to be a slave either to passion or fear, how to live in peace and calm, how to face adversity, how life is short if we do not make good use of the time we have been given. And, above all, you will learn how to be happy.


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