Grow Your Own Medicine: Handbook for the Self-Sufficient Herbalist by Ava Green & Kate Bensinger

Now more than ever…

…we all need to be self-sufficient.

Are you ready to Grow Your Own Medicine?

Ava Green has been on a journey of exploration and learning about herbal healing for 32-years. Kate Bensinger is a nurse and obtained a degree in Naturopathy with an Herbal Emphasis. Together, they set out to write the book they wish had been available for them starting out.

This is for every aspiring herbalist.

Indoors, backyards, or on a farm, you will become self-sufficient by growing your own medicinal and culinary herbs. As prices continue to soar, you can save money or build a business.

When you’re the grower…

…there’s no need to worry about additives or GMOs.


Almost no side effects compared to conventional meds

Become empowered and be your own herbal dispensary.

Learn the medicinal, culinary, decorative, scent and dye uses of 50+ herbs

Be the healer your family needs

How to maintain your herb garden without chemicals

How to prevent and treat the root causes of ailments instead of silencing the symptoms with conventional meds

You’ll love the beautiful illustrations, and this easy-to-understand beginner’s guide will make it a breeze to Grow Your Own Medicine.

Get it now.


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