The Boy Who Walked to Jerusalem: The True Story of the First Crusade by Morrow, John

The Boy Who Walked to Jerusalem recreates the world of the First Crusade for Young Adult readers. Phillip, a humble shepherd youth, is unexpectedly thrust into the Crusade. Join Phillip as he battles his way to Jerusalem with the real knights who led the Crusade. Learn about their actual training, tactics, and weapons. Relive their stunning triumphs and gut-wrenching defeats. As Phillip fights his way from Britain to the Holy Lands he discovers both friendship and betrayal in the most unexpected places. Travel with Phillip on his journey from boyhood to manhood as he questions the meaning of religion, the wisdom of following leaders, and the value of war. Detailed, historically accurate battle scenes are included. Prepare to be transported to the authentic world of knighthood and the bloodstained Crusades.

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