The Social & Life Skills Workbook for Teens (2 in 1): Everything a Teenager Needs to Learn with Confidence; Communication Skills, Social intelligence, How to Manage Stress & Anxiety! by Shirley Gildon

Improve their communication skills?

Increase social intelligence?

Know how to create thriving relationships?

Know exactly how to manage stress, anxiety, and mood?

Uplevel their self-care?

It’s no surprise that life can become tough as we age if we don’t have the necessary skills to build and manage the life of being an adult!

While the teenage years are the most exciting, formative, and life-changing years of our life, it’s also the best time to begin the positive habits that will stick to having a thriving life.

“Developing the Best Social Skills for Teenagers” is the best guidebook with exercises and strategies that your teenager can use right away to achieve desired results. It will take them exactly to the root of their social anxiety with tools to eliminate it for good.

“THE Life Skills Workbook for Teens” is full of useful advice and exercises to gain practical skills that every teenager should have while stepping into adult life. This workbook will educate and prepare your teenager to have a successful independent life in all areas of life.

ALL teenagers can gain the essential knowledge needed to understand and tackle everyday life challenges with both of these books.

If you’re looking for the most valuable and perfect gift for your teenager to ensure they will be prepared to face life head-on with the most confidence, self-esteem, and emotional intelligence, then let SHIRLEY GILDON guide them on their journey.

SHIRLEY GILDON’s work has the aim to equip teenagers with the perfect self-help survival and success guide to build positive habits and make good decisions to be independently successful.

If you’re serious about getting your teen prepared for an independent life with the best life skills…

Waste no more time and check it out!

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