500+ Affirmations to Develop Mental Toughness for Athletes & Entrepreneurs; Positive Self-Talk to Perform Under Pressure. by Brian O'Grady

Do you know the number one trait of any successful athlete or entrepreneur?

It’s their ability to overcome adversity and failures. It’s their understanding that Failure IS a part of success.

You can read all the manifestation books in the world and try to be as positive as humanly possible all day. You can repeat to yourself, ‘I AM WEALTHY,’ ‘I AM SUCCESSFUL’ 1000 times over.

But until you come to terms with the fact that there are going to be failures, doubts, and setbacks along the way. You will never reach the next level. Most people quit as soon as doubts arise.

This is why developing mental toughness and an unbreakable spirit is crucial and will separate you from your competition.

This book is not for the faint-hearted or closed-minded. The affirmations are intentionally intense to spark a flame inside you and steel your mind like nothing you’ve experienced before.

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