Emotional Abuse and Trauma Recovery: Breaking Free from Abusive and Toxic Relationships by Reclaiming Your Life; Gaslighting, Manipulation, Lying, Narcissistic Abuse, and More by Cassandra McBride

Do you feel trapped by your past and constantly get sucked back into toxic relationships?

Are you searching for a way to live your life on your terms, without having to fight constant narcissism?

Toxic relationships exert power over us like few things in life can, but that doesn’t mean you have to settle for them. In fact, by simply deciding you want more from life, you can start to reclaim your worth and take action.

The problem is that this is so much easier said than done. If only you could stumble across a step-by-step guide that would show you how to reclaim your life and rebuild from the ground up.

I want to share a life-changing fact with you: YOU CAN BREAK FREE, break the cycle and break the grip a toxic partner has on your life!

How do I know? I’ve seen hundreds of people use the knowledge and insights gained from this book to reclaim their lives in ways they never thought possible!✅

👉Let’s take a look inside:

Understand what emotional abuse is all about and the signs you're going through emotional abuse

Effects of emotional abuse

The several techniques that narcissists employ

The several challenges that come with leaving an unhealthy relationship and how to deal with them

Who a narcissist is and how to recognize one

How to break free from a narcissist

What a dysfunctional family is and how to break free from toxic family relationships

Extreme courses of action to take when breaking free from toxic relationships

Understanding victim mentality/syndrome

How to know you have a victim mentality/syndrome and how to deal with it

Self-care tips and practices to take care of yourself, reclaim your life, and be happy and fulfilled

And a whole lot more!

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